23 May 2015

Dwarf Cherry

Today we added a dwarf cherry tree to our community garden plot. I can't remember the variety at this moment; but we chose it because it was good for eating (the other varieties said "pie cherries") and at full maturity it will be relatively small, 8'-10'. In regards to the size, we figured it would be good for a community garden plot. Ours is in the northern corner so we won't have to worry about shading out our neighboring gardeners. We will use the dirt around the base of the tree to plant shade loving greens. 

The catalogue said that we can expect fruit in 4-7 years. The dwarf plum in our backyard is finally going to fruit after three years. The change brought on by the plum tree to our little backyard ecosystem has made the wait seem like nothing. We anticipate the cherry tree bringing the same benefits to our community garden plot. 

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