28 June 2007

Gardens Gone Wild

Remember this charming plot?

No, of course you don't. We weren't diligent about blogging, then. But I promise that's how it looked in its adorable formative years weeks.

Gone are the days when we worried that our tender little seedlings might be gobbled up by chickens or washed away by a rain storm. They've grown up, and they're taking over. I'm afraid we've lost control. The garden has no sense of its former innocent and vulnerable self, and now it has lost all inhibitions. It's beyond reason. It is completely rude.


The beans refuse to comply. They have a lovely bamboo trellis to climb on, but instead choose to flail around in the walkways.

The pumpkins also prefer to prowl through the paths rather than stay in their nice comfortable bed.

Half the garlic apparently got loaded and passed out on the job. Maybe it will at least smother some of those weeds.

This nasturtium has no sense of personal space.

The tomatoes refuse to stay in line.

This bean plant feels entitled to climb all over whatever it wants, namely this squash plant.

And the squash. I don't even have the energy to talk about the squash.

This tomato showed up uninvited and doesn't even have the social grace to mingle with the other tomatoes. Instead it's hanging out in the middle of the the spaghetti squash.

And I don't know who these little beasts belong to, but I threw them out as soon as they started brunching on the strawberries.

What do you look so smug about? Jerk.


Farmgirl_dk: said...

This is a *very* funny post. Made even more delightful with the awesome photos. Great writing - this is one of my all-time favorite blog posts so far. :-) :-)

Meg said...

We love it that you're getting a kick out of the blog! At first we were worried that we'd get boring in the winter, with nothing growing, so I'm glad you found the archives (not that we posted much over the summer...).