18 June 2007


I haven’t quite got the knack of how to include photos; so until the time comes when Meg can re-educate, I am going to have to ask for your patience and an open and active imagination.

I must confess that Meg and I have very little “recent” gardening experience. I say recent because much of our garden know-how came to a halt ten to fifteen years ago. When I was growing up, my stepfather, his father, and most of our neighbors managed fairly productive gardens. Naturally I had learned some basic practices, but after I left home and moved to college, my interactive immersion ceased. Apparently in college, folks are in far more danger than simply loosing their innocence and inhibitions, they are being stripped of their basic freedom to cultivate.

Meg’s story is much the same. She had recently shared a story about her 4th birthday party, which included her guests receiving a lectured tour of her parents vegetable garden. She enjoyed spending time in the garden, but too fell victim to a college life filled with papers, jobs and social interaction.

And all of this I share, not for an excuse, but for a promise. There is no doubt that we are in the learning processes of chemical-free gardening. The benefit of our neophytic circumstance is that we will be able to display our growing pains (hopefully with photos), propagating an environment for other gardeners, of all levels of experience, to basically shoot-the-shit.

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mom said...

I remember well the 'lectured tour' of the vegetable garden during the 4th birthday party. I should have known then!!