04 September 2007

Bogged by Blog

Well we're not necessarily being bogged down by blogging, obviously, but the title seemed to fit the mood none the less. As I had mentioned long ago, what we are trying to do, and share, are practices of practical chemical free gardening. There is still the dream that we could create a source of income from what we grow; but in order to make any kind of progress on environmental rehabilitation, which is what we are really striving for, it has to start with each and every one of us reclaiming the gardens in our backyards. Um,... sorry about that. I'll get off my soap box now.

There's no foolin' that gardening can demand some time if it is to be successful. However, what we have produced has been managed while holding down full time jobs and we still have time to go out and enjoy time with friends and family. (Oh damn, who let that soap box back in here?) So far we have harvested over 200 lb. of produce. I believe that it would have been well over 300 lb., but all of our squash was wiped out squash bugs. Those bastards sucked the life out of everything. Part of the fun of gardening is learning from its little disasters. We had no idea what the hell was happening to our plants until it was too late. What we know now is to plant nasturtiums with our squash, which will deter those squash suckers and attract more beneficial pollinators.

Although the squash are gone and some of our summer hardies are showing signs of age, it is time to plant for fall harvest. Just this past week Meg and I planted five beds of fresh goodness. Some other news of interest is that our chickens finally wore out their welcome with one of our neighbors so they will no longer be running loose. Just yesterday Meg and I finished construction on their new 250 sq. ft. pen; we think they dig it. Also in the near future we plan to reclaim an abandoned garden to plant this year’s garlic and onions.

I do believe that’s it. We do plan to add a few new topics of discussion to our blog which will hopefully promote a little more action. Some things to look for will be book reviews and tales of academics. Until then, take care and buy local. Cheers.

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