11 October 2007


Last year we chose a pretty crappy location for our garlic, and most of the bulbs we harvested were small and/or squishy. Gross. Half of it didn't even make it through the winter (despite our efforts to mulch) due to some combination of inadequate sun and the garlic's own lack of hardiness.

This year we annexed the superior upper garden, which is basically filled with pure compost, is in full sun, and has great drainage. We also paid more attention to the garlic we bought, and found varieties that can handle a decently cold and snowy Pennsylvania winter. Our garlic is going to be so awesome.

Steve-o generously tilled the garden for us, so it took practically no time to build two lovely beds.


Last Sunday we planted 200 cloves: 50 each of Spanish Roja and Chesnok Red, and 100 of an unnamed hardneck variety we bought at the Emmaus Farmers' Market. Next week, we'll add 50 cloves of Music and 25 Russian Giant, plus some German Extra Hardy, Italian Purple, Bogatyr, Georgia Crystal and more Spanish Roja. Our 350-400 cloves will turn into 2000 cloves by next year, and you can bet we'll be reeking of it.

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