25 November 2007

Bundled Up

As Kelly wrote yesterday, we drained our rain barrels. Six hundred gallons of frozen solid water isn't good for much except maybe causing the rain harvester to explode, so we thought it best to dump the water before winter. To make sure no rain or melting snow makes its way into the system before spring, we designed a nice little winter hat for the lead barrel.

We cleared the accumulated crap (sticks, leaves, pieces of shingles, a nail, and a big dried-up clump of glue) off of the screen, and layered a couple pieces of left-over row cover plastic over the top of the barrel. We secured it with a nice, classy, black plastic trash bag, and it should be good for the winter.


Jody said...

We want to attach rain barrels to our downspouts now, too. During the drought, we cannot justify using water from the well for the garden, and so there were no vegetables this year.

It's good to see how that project might look. Although I hadn't thought about needing to do winter maintenance. Well, it would be worth it.

mom said...

Sounds like you two were busy this weekend! BTW - I took some Thanksgiving food to Chad and he loved the carrots too. Thanks for sharing.

barry said...

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