26 November 2007

Walk Softly...

and carry a big stick.

One of the projects from this weekend was to find a replacement flag pole for the Jolly Roger. Sadly our garden has been flagless for a month or so due to some serious flower power.

This was our first year trying to grow flowers and we thought it would be cool-lookin' to have something vining up the flag pole. Morning glories sounded pleasant and the seed packet said they would grow about 12 feet. Our flag pole was about 20 feet so we though it would be perfect. Shortly after what we thought would be the last frost, we planted a few seeds at the base of the pole and hoped for the best.

A few months later we realized that the seed packet seriously underestimated the potential of the morning glories. They grew to the top of the pole and were reachin' for more. The pole was about 2.5 inches in diameter, that heft went a good ways up, and we thought it would surely hold.

We were wrong. Meg went out to feed the chickens one morning and noticed something was off. It wasn't windy the night before but the sheer weight of the foliage snapped the pole in half. If we were to replace the pole then, we would have had to cut out the remaining morning glories and we were gonna have none of that. So, we had to wait for them to do their thing, which is a gift to see when going out for morning chores, and then die off.

After they croaked, Meg and I went to the bamboo patch at the end our our property and cut us a fresh new pole. We're planning to let it dry flat and will hoist the Jolly Roger come Spring.

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mom said...

Hoisting the Jolly Roger?? Sounds like a party or at least a ceremony. Maybe you can have your new flag designed by then. Again, Meg, great pics.