27 November 2007


We signed up (I signed us up) to participate in NaBloPoMo--that's National Blog Posting Month, for those of you who don't speak acronym. That means we have to post on the blog every day for the month of November. Do you know how many days are in November? A lot. Do you know what goes on in a Pennsylvania garden in November? Not much. So today, you're getting a picture of beans.

These are Cherokee Trail of Tears beans (and this is not my picture):

Seed Savers Exchange

The Cherokee tribes in the southeastern US grew these, and managed to take some seeds with them when they were forced out of the southeast to reservations in Oklahoma. Nice, huh? We bought them from the Seed Savers Exchange last summer and planted them a bit too late, but we got a pretty decent harvest anyway. A couple weeks ago I pulled off all the remaining pods so they could dry inside.

We have at least six cups of these, so we're in need of some good, wintery black bean recipes. I think this one sounds pretty good, but we want to spread out our supply on more than one pot of soup.

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