28 November 2007

Just Beyond the Garden

I took this photo not too long ago while I was waiting for Meg at the train station. I was snapping shots of this old bridge in the fading light to test the different apertures of our camera. For as long as we've been using this station, I've found myself admiring this grizzled and withdrawn bridge. It's probably my Pittsburgh blood; we're known to be quite fond of our bridges.

Anywho, Meg and I are privileged to have a train station about a mile and a half from our house. The line takes us to our various jobs between our house and the city. This little convenience has enabled us to become a one car couple. In order to keep from wandering off of topic I will say that this post is not about sharing a car, but about the incredible convenience of trains.

Meg's dad, Mick, told me about a book he read that explored the decline of the railway system after World War II. Essentially the government's largess with highway system funding left the rails to spoil. I know, the incorporation of our highways has helped make our economy what it is today (hmm, that might not be a great example), but what I say is if there is an alternative, why not take it?

All of the progress we make in the garden to help with the environment makes even more sense when we can add it to other elements of our lives. We spend far less on train passes than we would on gas, one car means one insurance policy, and we both can spend our commute on more useful endeavors, like reading or napping.

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