31 December 2007

7.5 lbs. of Rosemary

Two of our Christmas gift highlights this year are the rosemary tree and the food scale that my parents got for us. We love fresh herbs and we grow a ton during the summer, but we once again we dropped the ball on starting herbs indoors or preserving herbs to use for the winter. While we occasionally scavenge some thyme from the garden, we usually don't bother running out in the dark at dinner time to find it. We also got a pretty awesome food scale that goes up to 25 pounds–much more convenient than the 2 pound scale we have now. Though we don't have a specific number of pounds in mind as a production goal, we like to keep track of what we grow every year.


Christina. B said...

That is quite a bit of rosemary.
Happy New Year!

Meg said...

Hi, Christina! To be fair, I think a lot of that 7.5 pounds is the pot--though the little tree is pretty heavy on its own. I hope we can keep it alive for a while, because it is sooo good.

Happy New Year to you, too!