01 January 2008

Weary Travelers

Our holiday travels ended this evening. We just got back from spending a couple days with Meg's family after spending a week with mine. Between visiting relatives and friends we piled about 2,000 miles on the Jeep in a bit under two weeks.

While on our holiday adventure on both sides of Pennsylvania, we discovered that some of our family and friends have been green minded folk for decades and were filled with wonderful stories and tips. Along with the great conversation we also acquired some potentially useful reads. Some of the books are older, like Raising Small Livestock and Practical Homesteading, while others are more current like The Gardener's A-Z Guide to Growing Organic Food and a subscription to E Magazine. As we read each of these and the other great resources, we'll be sure to let you all know how they are.

Side note: To kind of build off of the post we had earlier on local vs. organic and the wonderful comments some of you all had left, please check out this post by Steven at Dirt Sun Rain and click over to the link he provided. I hope it's a joke.

Oh, and happy new year.


Anonymous said...

Would love a review of Practical Homesteading once it works its way through your reading queue- soudns great.

A-Z is one of my gardening bibles, if for no other reason than its great organization. Enjoy!

Meg said...

Will do! We started flipping through it yesterday and it seems pretty cool. It was published by Rodale in the 70s, so I am inclined to trust it.

We're glad to hear that you like A-Z–so far it looks like the most comprehensive of our gardening books, so I'm sure it will be getting a lot of use in the coming months.

Katie said...

A-Z is a personal fave - hope you like it.

And I spy the Mother Earth News CDs! I'm SO jealous!

And that can o' pancake spray is totally gross.

steven said...

I wish it were a joke, a hoax or a hallucination. Sigh.

Kelly said...

Hello Katie, Yeah the Mother Earth News CD was a real treat to receive. Meg's mom bought us a subscription last year. Every issue that comes in the mail is eagerly passed between us and the CD I'm sure will spark some great conversations.

Hey Steven, The "USDA Organic" seal at the top of the advertisement reminded me why I own a copy of The Anarchist Cookbook.