10 December 2007

Bad Photo of Great Soup

Sorry about the photo; the light in our kitchen is something awful.

So far this soup is my favorite that Meg and I made. It's nothing fancy, it's just squash soup. I have found that some of the best soup recipes are the ones that can be passed verbally (very few ingredients with basic cooking instructions).

Ingredients: (I wasn't given any amounts, so you won't be either)

Olive oil
Garlic (none of that store bought garbage in a jar)
Squash (preferably zucchini and yellow summer squash)
Vegetable broth
Salt and Pepper (optional)
Heavy cream (not heavy "whipping" cream)

Cooking instructions:

In a pot bring your olive oil up to a good non-smoking temp and toss in your chopped garlic. Cook the garlic just long enough for you to grab your already chopped onions, and then add the onions. Sweat the onions and garlic until the onions begin to clarify. Then add your chopped squash, parsley, and thyme and sweat the hell out of it. (Now some folks will remove the seeds and what not from the squash before they cook it to reduce the amount of water they give out. Meg and I like the squash juices, so we leave them in.) When the squash looks like it has had about enough, start warming up some vegetable broth in a separate pot. You won't need much, it is mainly going to be used as a thinning agent. With a hand blender, puree the squash. While the blender is on and in the pot, add vegetable broth until the mixture is the consistency of runny cream of wheat, grits, porridge, or what ever other visual reference you're savvy with. This is your base. Freeze what you don't plan on using in serving size portions. With the base you do plan on consuming still on the heat, add salt and pepper to taste, and stir in heavy cream until the soup is the color of your liking. Serve and enjoy.


mom said...

Boy, you describe it so well I can almost smell it cooking!!

Kelly said...

Thank you. We'll try to remember to bring you a batch next time we're up.