11 December 2007

We Meant Well

The plan was that we were going to plant a healthy amount of fall crops and when the temperatures began to fall we would cover those crops with some nifty new row houses. As you can see in the top photo, the row house construction went rather well. However, what the bottom photo shows is that the actual planting didn't go as planned.

Actually the planting did start out quite well, but we ran into some unforeseeable mishaps between the time of the first planting of greens in late August to when the covers went up in late October. The first unfortunate incident happened to our crop of greens. September brought about some unusually hot days in southeastern Pennsylvania. The heat plus one neglected watering and the entire crop fried. Then our bush beans and peas fell victim to some deer and rabbits with a case of the munchies. It's odd, we never had any problems with deer and very few issues with rabbits, then in one night our garden became a salad bar. By the time we patched the holes in the fence where the rabbits squeezed through and raised its height from five feet to seven feet to keep out the deer, the window for planting was over. We planted some desperation chard (because it's wicked hardy and Mmm, Mmm, delicious) sometime in October and covered the bean and pea corpses with our fingers crossed for a miracle.

No such miracle arrived. What we are now left with are some carrots, sage, spring chard (wicked hardy), and some mighty fine looking row covers.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Those are some mighty fine row covers... Of course, if you hadnt said what they were, I would have assumed you were growing a bunch of white humps in your backyard! (I have ZERO gardening skills)

Thanks for the amazing comment for CJ on my blog. I had seen on Dayna's sight but it's nice that everyone can now read it. I talked to him this morning and he said he cried when he read the comments..


Dayna said...

Is it horrible that when I read this I thought of Petter Cottontail going over to the neighbors garden and eating all of the plants?

The good news is, you have good row covers! :)