12 December 2007

Great Balls of Fire

We didn't even make it out to the garden today, and there's no telling what's been going on out there. It has been really warm lately (50°F today), so maybe tomorrow we can report that our fall vegetables have made a resurgence.

But for now, instead of reading about or chickens or our compost or whatever it is that you come here to read about, run outside in a few hours and check out the Geminids meteor shower. It happens every year at this time, but this year is supposed to be a real show.


mikro2nd said...

Though I've only been following your blog for a few weeks, now, I really like it. Not too many of us are trying to explore how to build a more sustainable future and blogging about it!

One small ask: please consider letting at least some of the post content to show up in your feeds. At present all I see in my feed-reader is the title, which gives very little clue as to whether I want to click through to your blog for all the pics and details.

Meg said...

We're glad you like the blog! I clicked through to yours and realized that I've been at your site before, some time ago. I'll definitely be back.

Thanks for the heads up on the feed problem! It looks like Feedburner and Blogger were having some miscommunication, but I think it's straightened out now--you should get the full post in your reader.

mikro2nd said...

Yay! I see your "test.. test... test..." post in the feed now. Thanks!