26 December 2007

Beaver Blogging: Herding Cats

We can't have a dog where we live now, but eventually we'd like some kind of smart, rugged dog that can live outside and hang out with and watch over our animals.

This is Molly. She's a Corgi. Corgis are wicked smaht dogs. They're good watchdogs and they're great at herding, so you can teach them a lot of stuff. Judi and Dan take Molly on walks around Beaver, and since she knows the route she doesn't need a leash. A few weeks ago Dan was walking with her and she ran ahead a bit, stopped, and started pointing with her nose like a hunting dog. Dan thought she saw a squirrel, but when he got closer he saw that she was pointing at their cat, Sammy, who had gotten out of the house and was apparently hanging out in a park a half mile from home. Dan told Molly to get the cat and Molly did her herding dog thing, rounding up Sammy and driving her over to Dan, who told them to go home. The three of them marched back to the house, with Molly keeping the cat in line the whole time.

We need a dog like that to keep our chickens in line.


Katie said...

There's a lday around our house we always bump into when we walk our dog who has two corgis that are the funniest little dogs, always off leash and always obeying.

Wicked smaht if you ask me.

Kelly said...

Katie, You wouldn't think by the looks of them that corgis were as resourceful as they are, but those little things are a whole lot a dog.