25 December 2007

Beaver Blogging: Big Town Compost

While working on the Jeep we noticed a very large and curious piece of machinery in one of the garage bays. We asked Dan for the info and he said that it is the borough's leaf shredder. Apparently this thing is strong enough to suck bricks (and one very unlucky cat) off the pavement. What's really cool is that they take the leaves to a site right outside of the town and make the compost available to anyone in the borough who's interested.


mom said...

Hey, they started a compost operation in Moore township!! They collected our leaves this year and Moore and four other townships are composting as we speak. Woo hoo

Kelly said...

Hey Laurel, I wonder how many areas in the US are doing large scale composting. Do you know what Moore township's plans are for their compost? I think projects like this are great for replenishing the soil and reducing the impact of landfills. I only hope that the residents of the community take advantage of the resource.

mom said...

Kelly, I believe it will be available to the community for gardens and landscaping. The only thing is that if people spray their trees then that ends up in the compost pile. Bethlehem has a huge composting site and I know that their residents use it a whole lot.