24 December 2007

Beaver Blogging: Grandpa's German Tomatoes

Meg and I are carrying on a bit of history in our garden. Many years ago my grandfather received some tomato seeds from a neighbor of his and has been growing them ever since. His neighbor said they were German tomatoes and had little information on them beyond that. Last year my grandfather gave us some of those seeds.

We unfortunately never took any pictures of the plants we grew this year,but we'll be sure to next year. The photo on the left is one my grandfather took of a plant from two years ago. They are big and man do they produce.

The tomatoes are real meaty and only have one vein of seeds. They're great for slicing and stewing.

The top photo is one Meg took today in my grandfather's living room. I'm on the left and my brother Derrek is on the right. For those of you who are wondering whether the photo is bad or my grandfather is drunk, let me point out the empty glass in his right hand. The old gardener was feeling good to see his grand kids.

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