23 December 2007

Beaver Blogging: Haulin'

A while ago Kelly and I sold our crummy old cars and bought a Jeep–since we can both take the train to work we only need one car, so we decide to get a rugged one that we can have forever and use for garden stuff. Judi and Dan got us a brand spankin' shiny new tow package for Christmas, so on Saturday night we took advantage of Dan's access to the Beaver Borough garage and went to get it installed. We put the Jeep up on the lift and raised it up:

And then we dumped out all the tow hitch pieces to see what was what.

Then Kelly and I messed around with some nuts and bolts.

Until Dan and Derrek and their actual knowledge of cars came to get some real work done.

Meanwhile, we found this super tall funnel on wheels and changed the oil. If you don't have a big industrial mechanics' lift and a super tall funnel on wheels, I recommend that you get both immediately.

It's really so much easier.

Also, you should get a 55-gallon drum full of oil so you don't have to run out for quart bottles every time you need an oil change.

And while we drained out the old oil, Dan and Derrek got the bar on and installed the wiring.

And then all we had to do was stick the pretty new hitch on.

And now we're ready to steal an abandoned trailer and haul some stuff.


Katie said...

Hey Meg,

It's awesome that you guys take the train and have pared yourselves down to one car. Truly an inspiration!

(We're trying to do the same...)

Katie at GardenPunks

mom said...

Wow! What a great gift - and you got to install it too. Mom

mick said...

What a great idea!Tell Dan I'll give him my Rhino-Ramps and call it an even trade for the lift. Merry Christmas to All.

Kelly said...

Hello Katie,

Owning one vehicle between us is great. If you are looking to do the same, all we can suggest is that you both really consider what you need your car for and find the model that fits all of your needs. Our Jeep is not the most fuel efficient ride on the road, but we use it for camping and now we can use it for hauling.

Hey Laurel and Mick,

Merry Christmas to you too. The tow package is great and we should be hauling soon. Unfortunately I don't think the lift is Dan's to barter, but we'll see what he may be open to trade.