22 December 2007

Beaver Blogging: Wonder Boys

If you've ever seen the movie Wonder Boys, then you may recognize these first two photos. The house is the childhood home of Grady Tripp's soon to be ex-wife (remember? it's the part when Toby McGuire has to squeeze the doggy door). The middle photo is of the park that is right across the street from the house. This view is seen from the perspective of Michael Douglas looking at Toby as he (Toby) points out the imprint of a butt on the hood of his car.

The last photo is of the Beaver borough garage. My mother's husband, Dan, is in charge of the facility and has a foot note to the scene I just mentioned. This shot was taken just a bit down the road from the house where they were filming. This just so happens to also be the same spot that Michael Douglas, in between shots, drove golf balls onto the roof of the borough garage. Dan said that what ensued was a series of expletives shouted by the borough workers to a bent-over-laughing Douglas.

Side note: The author of Wonder Boys, Michael Chabon is a Pittsburgh native. They just finished turning another of his books, "The Mysteries of Pittsburgh," into a movie, which should be out soon.

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