16 December 2007

Everybody Knows It's Windy

Since there's a severe wind warning in effect for a lot of the northeast tonight, I thought these recent New York Times articles might be appropriate.

Homespun Electricity, From the Wind profiles a few families from around the US who have installed wind turbines on their property. One dude had been spending nearly $1000 (!) a month on electricity during the summer and now produces enough electricity on his own that he can sell some back to the power company each month. The article also has some infuriating quotes from people who just can't stomach the idea of their neighbor doing something unconventional.

“I’m not against the environment, but I just think there’s a place for all this,” said Mr. Daddona. “You shouldn’t try to save a little bit on your electrical bill if it affects your neighbors.”
Nice! Yes, heaven forbid you might have to look at a little windmill across the street. It would be a shame to draw attention away from your fishing dutch boy or animatronic Santa. They're like those people who try to ban clotheslines.

Despite the parts that annoyed the crap out of me, the article was mostly positive. The Times also published this companion piece, Determining Whether a Turbine Will Work, which gives some links to resources that explain how to go about investigating wind power.

And if you're feeling especially ambitious, here's a link that shows you how to make your own wind generator.

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Katie said...

Right on! Stupid people who subject us to 10' inflatable snowglobes on their lawns and traffic because of their Christmas light setup are the ones who need to look in the mirror. God forbid that someone put up something that DOESN'T USE electricity....grrr...I'm ranting now. Sorry - but good post nonetheless.

Katie at GardenPunks