26 March 2008

Laziness Alert!

We've been kinda busy and neither the chickens or the seedlings have done anything interesting lately, so tonight we're going with that old blogger standard, the link post.

Here are three pretty cool blogs we've come across lately. Check them out!

Our Friend Ben is a relatively new blogger (and fellow Pennsylvanian!) who writes about sustainability, rural life, and how the half & half and 1% milk offered at coffee shops reflect the growing split in society.

Another new blogger, CeeCee, outsmarts her young chickens with pie plates and Playdoh.

Twinville at Laughing Orca Ranch has a chicken that routinely lays double yolk eggs and recently made one with three yolks. Exciting! She lives on a great little farm in New Mexico and has a load of other animals.


Twinville said...

Thanks for the link pointer to my blog. How fun for me to open up your blog and see my name and blog listed!
You made my day.

I'm so tickled that you've enjoyed stopping by to visit my little New Mexico mountain farm. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Ditto--many thanks! And I didn't know you all were right here in scenic PA, where the groundhog is something of a state icon! (The PA Ducth for it is "grundsau," and I'll never forget reading a newspaper column shortly after I moved here in which a disgruntled PA Dutchman complained of the disrepectful treatment of flattened grundsaus on the roads, where they were left to decompose until, and I quote, "they begin to look and smell like a politician.") Good thing you're eating yours fresh!

Mrs. K's Lemonade Stand said...

Pie plates and Playdoh! Ok, I am intriqued. :)

Anna said...

Yay! I'm from PA too! You can visit my site here: http://hullabalooloo.blogspot.com