25 March 2008

What's for Dinner?

Kelly bagged us a groundhog on Easter. Ali, who is from a rural area that's appreciative of the self-sufficient, sustainable lifestyle that we strive for, suggested a few recipes that we might enjoy.

She posted about them here

Delicious! Plus, these recipes are versatile and you can make substitutions and adjustment to fit your lifestyle. Take the Venison or Moose Casserole, for example. How often are you out of venison and you just don't feel like running out to the store right before dinner? With most cookbooks, you'd need to scrap that whole recipe and make tater tot casserole or something. That's not the case here! This recipe is for Venison or Moose, so just pull that extra moose meat out of the freezer, and voila! Dinner is served! Thanks, Mrs. Clara Miller, Crescent Beach, Maine!


Anonymous said...

Okay, that's it! I'm going to have to fave your blog now. I never recognize the name, but I love your posts, and each time I click on one and the pirate flag appears, I think "They've done it again!" Hugely fun. But please, don't ask me over for dinner...

Anonymous said...

Perhaps I should start posting a recipe or two a month for folks -- they can begin preparing for the fall hunting season.


ps: Kelly, should you want to come and visit, I have a never ending supply of groundhog (aka woodchuck) for you.

CeeCee said...

What fun!!
I had a second cousin that lived way out in the sticks and would eat just about anything that wandered through the yard. Luckily, I was an adventurous eater because I was rewarded with raccoon, opossum,(both pretty greasy) squirrel, rabbit and rattlesnake. Never any groundhog though.

Katie said...

Remind me that if I'm ever in the Philly area I need to

a) Stop by and see you guys
b) Take you OUT to dinner

Meg said...

Ben, lol. Okay, we'll take your name off the dinner party list if you insist. Glad you're enjoying the blog!

Ali, that would be funny. Those recipes were hilarious.

CeeCee, I've heard that squirrel and rabbit are pretty good, but I've not heard firsthand accounts of people eating the others. Opossum-eek! They look like giant rats.

Katie, lol. Yes, if you guys are ever out this way you must visit. I promise we won't serve roadkill.