20 March 2008

'Sup, Seedlings?

Have you heard? It's Spring now. You all are going to get evicted, and soon.

You've been hogging the lights and the heat for too long, so you're moving out. The temperatures outside haven't been below freezing in weeks. Just in case, we have a million billion gallon jugs-turned-cloches saved up. You'll like your new place. We raked and pulled weeds, and we even threw fresh compost all over the place. Better start packing.

That grow table real estate is valuable and, while we like you guys, frankly, we like the peppers and tomatoes a whole lot more. And besides, if you hang around in here for too long, we will eat you.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm so jealous. We're supposed to get snow (and if not, heavy rain) here, so I'm not planting for a week at least.

Christina said...

Is that last shot red cabbage? It certainly is lovely.

Happy planting!

Katie said...


nom nom nom nom

Anonymous said...

Your seedlings look great What lights are you using?

Meg said...

Jenny, you guys are getting hammered this winter! I'm glad most of that weather has skipped right over us ...

Christina, it is red cabbage. I can't wait 'til it's ready to eat!

Katie, eat your own seedlings!

Rob, thanks! They're regular old florescent shop lights, with 40 watt bulbs.