19 March 2008

All we are saying is give peas a chance.

The rain thwarted our pea planting plans so we stayed inside to read, get some work done, and listen to NPR. Given all the grim reports on the fifth anniversary of the war, that made for a fairly gloomy day.

The forecast is looking better for tomorrow, though, and it will be the first day of Spring, so perhaps we'll get to the peas then.


Farmgirl_dk: said...

Oh yeah. Right there with you guys. On the peas and the bloody war. No control over the weather and no control over the self-proclaimed "decider". sigh.

Patrick said...

There's an expression in Dutch Na regen komt zon, literally 'After rain comes sunshine' and of course means good times come after bad.

During the Ronald Reagan years the expression, with only a slight change in pronunciation, became Na Reagan komt zon or 'After Reagan comes sunshine'.

I'm counting the days until Bush leaves office! There can only be sunnier days ahead.

CeeCee said...

Y'all are right on about the politics! Farmgirl, don't forget the last "er" on Bush's famous comment. "I'm the deciderer." I will say that he has made Saturday Night Live far more interesting because they have fodder for skits every time he opens his mouth.
Luckily, I live where I've already planted my English peas (first try, too!). They have just broken the surface. Cross your fingers for me. I hope to convince my youngest son that peas won't kill him, by growing our own.

El said...

Hope the peas found some dirt! I have some hope to do the same this weekend...things are still really too frozen around here. But happy spring to you two.