27 April 2008


There are a large number of trees on the three and half acres where we live and we have become quite familiar with the lot. We've come to expect their changes though the year as a way to kind of catalogue time. The dogwoods have recently come into bloom.

Of all the varieties of trees on this property, the dogwoods are my favorite during all seasons. In the summer they are a spectacular source of shade. Their leaves in the fall are always colorful and enduring. During the winter their branches bend and twist in all kinds of peculiar directions. And in the spring, just like the fall, they provide an array of colors that are both vivid and long-lasting.


Razor Family Farms said...

I just love dogwoods! Of course, I am from Virginia so I MUST love them, eh? Yours are particularly lovely!

Blessings to you!

CeeCee said...

Beautiful shots! Dogwoods don't like our hot summers, so we can't have them.

Kelly said...

Thanks for the comments guys. Since I put up this post the flowers are starting to fade and the late blooming trees are starting to do their thing. They were beautiful.

Anonymous said...

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