28 April 2008

Holy Garlic Stink, Batman

Last night, we went through with our plan to turn some of our green garlic into pesto sauce. I cleaned a small handful of garlic—roughly the same amount as bunch of green onions from the grocery store—and chopped off both the roots and the grassy tips. I threw the garlic in our trusty Magic Bullet, along with some olive oil, a little salt and, to thin it out a bit, some water from our cooking pasta.

We put it in a pot to heat up and added some romano cheese. It looked very, very, green and it smelled deeeelicious.

Then we tasted it, and we fell to the ground and started to cry. It was insanely, tongue-burningly strong. It was intense.

Note to anyone making sauce out of green garlic: No need to use a ton of the stuff.

We poured about half of the sauce into a container to use some other time, and added a boatload of cheese and cream to the remainder with hopes of mellowing it out a bit. That did the trick. It tasted way good on pasta, and we'll zap up the rest of our early garlic crop and freeze it (in teeny tiny portions) so we can throw it on food throughout the sumer.

I kept getting whiffs of garlic today because my bookbag, which was in the kitchen while we were cooking, reeked of it.


Kelly said...

I haven't tried making pesto with it, but do take a nice handfull of young stocks to chop coarsely and sauté in butter and olive oil, then toss that with cooked pasta and parmesan or romano or asiago cheese. Scrumptious. Black olives add a nice saltiness to the dish, too. I didn't plant enough last fall, but intend to take a trip out to the old house this weekend to dig up anything that re-seeded in the beds I planted a few years ago. It's so crowded out with weeds that it's not good for anything but green garlic. Lots and lots of green garlic! Oh, I need to dig up some more comfrey while out there, too.

Anonymous said...

Thank, God, garlic scapes, the budded tops of the plants, are much milder--really delicious. We get them from our CSA every year and I love chopping adding them to sauces and stir-fries. No garlic stink! (Your poor bookbag...)

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Mmmmmm....garlic-reeking book-bag. I'm sure the students and staff really appreciated that. Especially early in the morning. :-)