05 April 2008

No Varmints Allowed

Last year we learned that rabbits can squeeze through incredibly small spaces. Unfortunately our lesson had to be made at the sacrifice of our entire soy bean crop and a good amount of our fall peas. I can say with vexed determination that I hate those wabbits.

To avoid further fury, Meg and I added a section of two-foot high chicken wire around the entire perimeter or the garden. The space between the wires of the original fence is about two inches and the chicken wire is, well, chicken wire. To add some extra protection we left a few inches of the fence at the bottom to bend out and away from the garden. We're hoping that this will deter burrowing.

The project took us a couple hours. My hands got all nicked to hell, but I'll live. Tomorrow we plan to plant our brassicas and I am confident those bastard varmints will have to forage elsewhere.

The chicken pen shares a fence line with the garden so we had to barricade their little play area, too. They took an invested interest in everything we did. I'm sure they could give two shits about their increased safety; they were more intent on pecking at anything that moved.


vegmonkey said...

That's like a mini fortress! I think that the rabbits are having a strategic meeting as i write? Maybe they are clubbing together their carrots to buy a mini-rabbit boltcutter?


Twinville said...

haha...the bolt cutter! Funny!

Sorry about the losses by the bunnies. Hope they get lost and go find 'greener pastures' now.

Kelly said...

You've been watching way too much Wallace and Gromit;)

I think this last layer of fencing may have sealed the deal. It is a thing of beauty.