06 April 2008

Some Blog World Activities

Well, we were hoping to get in another solid day in the garden today, but no such luck. The weather was just a little too miserable for yard work. Our next outside hurrah will be to plant our brassicas in their respective beds and erect the new bamboo flagpole. Hopefully we can get to it on Friday.

In the meantime, there are a few blog activities I wanted to give a shout for.

The first is actually long overdue. Kelly at Her Able Hands is putting together a project involving photos of your hands and a narrative to go along with it. I don't remember end result she is looking for when she has collected the submissions, but what ever it is, we gardeners have a very special relationship with our hands and I thought it would be cool to see those stories collected in some fashion. Meg and I are trying to get our submission together, but midterm grading and job searches have rudely gotten in the way. I don't think she has a time frame for any kind of deadline, but I'm sure she doesn't want to sit on it indefinitely. Kelly, if it's not too late we will get one out soon.

The second activity involves the Mouse & Trowel award, which Path to Freedom reminded us about on their journal. Meg and I are having great fun with the challenge of posting every day and we have had even more getting to know all of you. So, if you feel like giving a shout to some of your must-read blogs, this would be a wonderful way to do it. I usually don't believe in awards, I'm a mild socialist, but Path to Freedom has been a positive force for us in the garden blog world and any award they feel fit to promote is alright by me.


Kelly said...

Hey Kelly and Meg!! Thanks so much for the linky love...and I'm so thrilled you're going to add to the project. No worries, I have no deadline--it's an ongoing thing, so whenever you have the time.

Happy Spring!!

Kelly said...

It's our pleasure and happy spring to you as well. Cheers.