01 May 2008

The Eyes Have It

Our potatoes showed up today—a bit later than we'd have liked, but they're here all the same. We got some All Blues and Yukon Golds, and we'll pick up some kind of red variety to add to the mix.

We're off to northern PA for some (possibly cold, wet) camping this weekend, so expect some backdated posts to be thrown up hastily on Sunday night or Monday. Also, I have about twelve million unread garden blog posts hanging about in my Google reader, so I'll be making the rounds to see what all you folks have been up to.


CeeCee said...

My potato plants are just now setting baby potatoes. I get the constant urge to peek under the dirt to see how things are coming along. It's only my second year to grow them successfully and I don't know the fine art of harvest cues.
Have fun camping. Wishing you warm and dry.

vegmonkey said...

and before you know it, they'll be going nuts!

rhonda jean said...

I've just found your blog and it looks really interesting. It's great to see potatoes being planted. They're such an important home crop.

Ceecee, you usually harvest potatoes when the green tops die down, but you can take small new potatoes from the sides as they grow. Just gently feel into the mulch or soil around the potato plant and if you feel any potatoes, you can pick them. Fresh picked potatoes, steamed with a little butter, salt and pepper are one of the best treats.