17 May 2008

Shout out and fun with parenthesis

Skrubtudsen at In the Toad's Garden recently put up a really cool post about mobile community gardens (Ørestad Mobile Eco-gardens). I'm not sure what his affiliation is with the project (I guess I could ask), but he has shared a few posts this past year on the development of the movement (yes I just called it a movement). Rob at One Straw Revolution does something similar, but I don't believe the garden containers he makes are transportable once they've been filled with dirt (again, I guess I could ask). I just want to give a "Hell Yes!" to these guys and any one else out there who brings gardening to those who live in communities where backyards aren't in surplus. I hope some day to do the same for some of the neighborhoods in the Philly area.

Thanks guys, you make change inspirational.


Anonymous said...


The Earth Victory Gardens are designed to be constructed off site -all 3 components: Rain Barrel, Compost Bin, and 3x5x1 raised bed- but to be fairly permanent once delivered. Each component could be moved should you leave the home. I guess they are portable like your refrigerator is portable.

I prefer open bottoms on beds -we set up a see through planter for the kids nd a green bean root hits 8" down even before it breaks the surface. That said, container gardening is an AWESOME option for those in tight urban settings.


Christina said...

Here's another whoop-whoop of praise: WHOOP-WHOOP!

Anonymous said...

i want my nintendo64 back.

Kelly said...

Hey Rob,
Thanks for information. Like I said, what you're doing is awesome and we want everyone to know what resources are out there. Thanks again and please keep us all posted with your progress.

Thanks for the additional shout. By the way, my ceramics class is going very well. I've found that I am a far more patient person that I was fifteen years ago.

You'll have to talk to your sister about that one.