16 May 2008

Off Saving Hyrule

You may have noticed that our blog has been a bit lacking lately. That's because a week ago I cajoled my brother into giving me our old Nintendo 64, and Kelly and I have been trying to defeat Zelda ever since.
Luckily for us, this latest obsession has coincided with lots of crazy rain and wind, so it hasn't been detracting from the garden too much.


Anonymous said...

seriously. give it back. i just got a big screen tv and need something to play on it.

Kelly said...

Dang, this blog just gets more and more targeted directly at me.

Meg said...

John, why don't you go buy a Wii? And let me borrow it.

Kelly, good to know that there are some other Zelda dork gardeners out there. We're about to beat this one, I think, and then we're on to Majora's Mask.