26 June 2008

Chickens make terrible gardeners

I know you all have plenty of volunteer tomatoes, squash, and other whatnot's growing in your compost bins and we are no different. However, this year we discovered a volunteer (we think) squash plant in the chicken's pen area. Unfortunately we will never know what variety it is because the girls just can't keep from gnawing at it. If they only knew how much food they could get I'm sure they would leave it alone.


CeeCee said...

I occasionally wander over to a purely chicken forum and find myself smiling at folks wondering what sort of plants they can grow in their chicken runs.
With my chickens, if it can't outrun them, it's fair game--all things green, lizards, bugs, snakes, and mice.
I'm sorry your volunteer won't live to produce, but your girls will have enjoyed themselves. :)

Anonymous said...

Ha! What sort of plants they can grow in the chicken yard? How about plastic, or better yet, metal? I've been able to grow wine grapes over the chicken yard to give the ladies some shade, but otherwise, if they can reach it, they will eat it. Seeing them stretch their necks through the openings in the kennelling wire to snag a nearby weed makes the expression "sticking your neck out" concrete!

Kelly said...

Hey CeeCee,
Yeah, our chicken pen is just bare earth. The thought of trying to grow something in there would be insane.

Hey Ben,
I once was talking to a guy who had chickens and he said that his dogs would wait outside of the fence for the chickens to put their necks through the holes and then they would bite their heads off. I think that after the first incident I would have bought fence with smaller holes.