20 June 2008


About 20 minutes ago I heard an incredibly loud woosh-ing sound coming from outside. I looked out the window and saw the basket of a hot air balloon about two inches from my face. I could plainly see the people inside, though they were looking the other way. I'm sure they were admiring our garden.

I took this photo after they had flown over the house and started to lift a bit. They were so low over the backyard that I'm surprised they didn't snag the flag pole.


Anonymous said...

Before Henbogle, I lived in Lewiston-Auburn, where there is a hot air balloon festival every year. I used to love seeing the balloons pass overhead, in more shapes and colors than you can imagine.

And yes, I'm sure they were admiring your garden!

Katie said...

Hot air balloons are crazy! Good pic. And glad they didn't snag the pirate flag.

Sky pirates.

CeeCee said...

Good thing you don't have livestock. Low flying balloons are a great way to send critters right into fences.
For some reason we don't get many balloons our way, but I've always wanted to go to the giant balloon festival in New Mexico. They really are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, when they're low, the boom-whoosh noise they make is really incredible. They used to fly up over the hill behind my parents' house and then over the yard--one actually landed in the yard!--and it was awesome to hear them before you saw them.

Twinville said...

How fun! Is this a common occurance in your area?

Living in New Mexico, Balloons are a common sight. In fact every October is the International Baloon Festival/Fiesta that lasts a week and not only has between 300-500 hot air balloons participating, but also games such as 'Key Grab', "Balloon Tag", "Races", Rio Grande River Dips", and nightly weekend Balloon Glows, Special Shape Baloon Rodeos, and Mass Acsensions.
It's something that has to be seen up close to believe.

When my sons were babies (11 years ago...wah)we took them to a balloon glow with over 100 hot air balloons set up on the ground.

My hubby and I were carrying our twin sons in back backs and therfore couldn't see their faces.

At an exact moment, several times each night, all of the balloons lit up at the same time. Wow!
My husband was worried when he hear the son on his back making odd 'whooshing sounds'. So I checked and was tickled to see our sons' face comletely in awe with mouth pursed tight while 'ooooh and aaahhhing'.

Something I will never forget, too was when we lived in Rio Rancho and were on the direct path of the Friend's And Lover's Valentine's Day Hot Air Balloon Rally.
Once a year we'd end up with a couple hundred balloons wafting over and around our house. A few would even sweep down into our yard and the folks inside the basket would wave good morning to us inside our living room window!

And there are all the exciting 'chase crews' racing around with flags and people in the back of trucks all over Albuquerque and the West Mesa!

Such a great time!