19 June 2008

Whisper words of wisdom

Our flowers are beginning to bloom and the garden is literally buzzing with activity (I can't believe I just used that pun, how pathetic. Bartender!).

We are still very new to flowers and things here are a little haphazard. Hey, what can I say, we're veggie people. Anywho, we want more flowers. It won't change the flavor of our blog, but we thought we'd warn you just the same.


Anonymous said...

Flowers are good, bring 'em on. And make mine a double.

CeeCee said...

I l.o.v.e. taking pictures of flowers and bugs! Thankfully, the bugs are pretty willing subjects and will sit still for a shot. Your closeups are great!
BTW, flowers are a part of a good garden. They bring in pollinators and are often food stuffs for bugs that might otherwise eat our food plants. So, I declare that they are a wise part of your blog.

Kelly said...

Good morning,
Thanks for the comments. We agree that flowers are the shit for good gardening, but unfortunately we just know that much about them. Actually we are brainstorming a flower post that we hope to have up soon. It will essentially cover how little we know and how much we need your help to learn.