18 June 2008

A Vertical Garden

If our garden is anything, it's tall. The latest addition to our trellis collection is for our dry beans growing around the flagpole. The lines peak at about twelve feet. By the time we're done our garden will most likely look like a small city with natural (and very edible) skyscrapers.


Katie said...

What you guys do is always cool and inspirational. Great work - keep the pics coming!

miriam@mysisterdalesgarden.com said...

looks like you'll have quite a tower----can't wait to see more pictures of the beans. i just planted long red beans---i may just do a variation of your trellis.

Twinville said...

Edible skyscrapers?

I was thinking more like the masts on the ship! hehe

Either way, that is one very cool idea!

Twinville said...

Not the masts! Whoops. I meant the sails on the masts on the ship!

Are you confused now? I am! hehe

Kelly said...

Hello there Katie,
Thank you, that means a lot.

Hey Miriam,
All you need is an imagination and some string. Have fun and good luck.

Howdy Twinville,
I agree. After we strung this one up, I told Meg that our garden was beginning to have a nautical feel to it.

Jean Ann said...

I have what may be an obvious question...how will you harvest? Are you drying these guys on the vine?

Kelly said...

Hey there Jean Ann,
The top of the trellis is hooked up to a primitive pulley so we can raise and lower it as we please. However, what we may do, since these are soup beans, is that we will just let them dry out on the vine and take them down in the Fall.

Anonymous said...

A Nautical feel: Doesn't that call for a small pool or water garden? Maybe a half-barrel garden in the midst of all those trellis sails with a small sailboat floating among the water plants and goldfish? Go for it!

CityGarden said...

WOW!!!! This is high!

I enjoy your blog
Greetings from Greece

Ed Bruske said...

very cool. for some reason, my lima pole beans are not germinating this year.

Kelly said...

Hello Ben,
Meg and I have discussed installing some kind of water element, but haven't figured out which would be the best for our little ecosystem. We would like to attract more frogs and snakes (man I hate snakes) to tone down the various garden enemies. What ever design it turns out to be, we'll surely have to include a stranded island with buried treasure.

Hey Mary,
Thanks. It's good to hear from you. We just found your blog a week or so ago through Patrick's site. We'll be sure to stop by regularly. Cheers.

Hello Ed,
We also have some bizarre non-germs this year. Specifically with our basil. What's really strange is that seed from the same packet will germinate in one spot, but not in another. I guess that's gardening for ya.

Erin said...

I love this idea! Something similar to this would work really well in our small space and, although it is too late for this year, we might try to do this for next year's bean crop.

We're long-time readers, first time comment-ers. Y'all have great ideas and great pictures too. Thanks!

Kelly said...

Hello Erin,
It's good to hear from ya and we're glad you've been enjoying the blog. Adding height to a garden I find is not only great for the plants, but its good on the eyes. It's like we have an edible sculpture garden. We love it.