11 June 2008

Strung Out

Today we began phase two of our tomato trellis project. This involved training the tomatoes up pieces of string so that they grow nice and tall and also look cool. As an added bonus, these tomatoes will not make you puke your guts out, though that has less to do with our trellis than it does with the fact that we don't water our garden with sewerage.

Anyway, to get our trellis in working order we first cut pieces of string slightly longer than the height of the trellis and tied little loops at one end. Then, we threw them up and over the top bar of the trellis so we could make a good, tight slipknot.

Here's Kelly throwing the string into place. He was making a weird face in the photo so I cropped that out and left his disembodied hand.

Here's the resulting trusty slipknot.

When the strings were hung above each tomato plant, we tied the end of the string loosely around the stem of each plant and twisted it up a bit, so the tomatoes were supported by the string.

I was too busy playing with string to take many illustrative photos, but if you'd like some more detail about this method of supporting tomatoes I highly recommend this entertaining video from Hanna of This Garden Is Illegal.


Razor Family Farms said...

I have two tomato plants which need propping up. I didn't have time before dark so I'll have to get them at sunup.

I love the video!!!


ilex said...

Thnakve very much for posting this video! I knew that Hanna loved her tomato-stringing method, but didn't know she'd made a video of it.

Send the spousal unit away-- heh!

Katie said...

I really like this method of stringing up tomatoes, but alas, I am lazy. And a procrastinator.

Maybe next year.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Perhaps you could do an entire blog post some time about all the weird-kelly-faces that you've had to crop out since you started this blogging thing.

By the way, out of all the blogs I read, I believe yours to have consistently the most creative, blog titles. Is there an award for that? If not, I should make one for you. I strive to title as cleverly as you do. You are my titling heroes. :-)

Farmgirl_dk: said...

p.s. please disregard the comma in between creative and blog. thankyouverymuch

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! (Disembodied hands and all.)