11 July 2008

DJ of our blogosphere

A short while ago Meg and I started reading a blog that has added a whole new element to our blogging experience. Cold Splinters is a new blog (shit, who am I to say a blog is new, we've only been around a year) that provides a unique and challenging lens with which to view the everyday.


What do I mean?

Hell, I don't know. I've been trying to formulate a reason why I like this blog so damn much, but I really haven't found the vocabulary. How about this:

If it grabs you, it will grab you good. Meg and I read a lot and we appreciate good writing. Cold Splinters is very smart writing equipped with fantastic music. Just last week I was humming Belle and Sebastian tunes for days. This is the first blog I've read that amalgamates songs as part to the message of the post. The photo above was matched with Paul Simon's "Obvious Child." Enjoy.


edifice rex said...

Thanks ya'll; great site!! LOVE the music.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, words AND music! GREAT idea!!!

jeff said...

new best friends. thanks!

Kelly said...

Hey E-Rex, hey Ben,
Thanks for the comments and I'm glad you dig it.

You got it. Cheers.

Twinville said...

Cool! Can't wait to check them out!

If you want another great blog with interesting perspectives...and music amalgamated into every post to fit the blog title and theme, check out my friend's blog: Fantastyk Voyage:


(It rocks, especially if you are a Bowie fan)