10 July 2008

Pharaoh Would be Green with Envy

I believe it's safe to say that Meg and I tend to think in bamboo. The stuff is like Tinker Toys for gardeners. Our latest bit of backyard construction is a three poled obelisk (you may call it a tripod, but when you crest twenty feet, it becomes so much more). We have morning glories started at the bottom of this thing and by mid August it will be covered. I still need to attach another level of cross supports about mid-way up to reduce the risk of collapse. But for now, she's good.

At this height we'll be attracting beneficial insects from Ohio. Just think of all the resources and manpower Pharaoh could have saved with one of these.


miriam said...

beside attracting beneficial insects i think you will get tv and radio signals !!!! nice job.

meg's mom said...

Pretty impressive!

Matt said...

Where do you guys get all the bamboo? is it there in your yard or do you pick it up at a local store?

Anonymous said...

Looking good...i think at this rate you'll have a wind farm within the year and be selling electricity back to the National Grid!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely fabulous.

Just a thought, naw... I'm sure your not compensating for anything. Forget it.

Kelly said...

Hello Miriam,
You know, I bet it wouldn't be that difficult to wire an antenna up there. Hmm, I'll let you know if I can get anything rigged to work.

Howdy Laurel,
Many thanks. Hey, what do you think about doing soul food for our meal at the beach?

Hey Matt,
We have a grove of the stuff growing in the South yard. I wouldn't even know where to buy the stuff. It is pretty invasive and if we don't come up with these little projects, it would take the place over.

Hey Vegmonkey,
If Pennsylvania would get its shit together and be supportive of alternative energy, you know we would get the wind power going. There are rumors around that the commonwealth is developing something to provide incentives, but I'm not holding my breath.

Sup Rob,
Dude, you slay me.