07 July 2008

Time to Pull the Garlic

Our garlic crop is looking pretty sad these days, and as soon as the ground dries out we'll pull it all. However, we couldn't resist yanking up a bulb for dinner last night, and we were definitely pleased with how big it got. This is a variety we picked up at the Emmaus farmers market last year because we liked its color. We don't know what it is, but it tastes good.


Lewru said...

I am.

Patrick said...

Home grown garlic tastes so good!

I get tired of almost everything else from the garden, but never the garlic.

Don't forget to save your biggest bulbs and cloves for replanting, to maximize next year's harvest.

The Allotment Blogger said...

You are so so far ahead of us. It will be at least a month before UK garlic is ready to lift. I can already taste it ... I'm envious of your crop.

Kate@LivingtheFrugalLife said...

Wait a minute here...Emmaus? Where ARE you people?? WHO are you people?? We must be relative neighbors if you shop there. And here I find you in the blogosphere! Why don't I know you yet in meatspace?

P.S. My garlic is all hanging up to cure. I think it's time for the trimming and peeling now, if only it weren't so damn hot. Might have to work in the garage today.