08 July 2008

Trellis Update

The trellis we fashioned on to the flag pole is working quite well. It is staggering to see how much a poling bean will grow when it has something to latch onto. The variety we've got going here is Cherokee Trail of Tears. As you can imagine there is a reason they are named such and we are very proud to have them in our garden.

This is on of the many flowers it started to put out the other day. We'll be looking forward to when the trellis fills out and is speckled with these things.


shell said...

Oh purple! I'll have to get this kind, ours are white this year (can't remember the kind). Our peanuts are yellow. HOW COOL WOULD PURPLE BE!

Hearts FHF.


ilex said...

Get out the ladder come harvest-time.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Lovely post, lovely pics...the pink of that flower is gorgeous! It will be so fun to see you trellis filled with these!

Kelly said...

Good Evening,
Thanks for the comments. Right now the vines seem pretty content o grow up rather than out. Honestly though, if you have room in your garden for these beans, I would suggest growing them. They are very low maintenance and who doesn't like bean dips and bean soup?