23 August 2008


The seeds came from a local-to-us company, Amishland Heirloom Seeds. Even though I planted these late (mid-June—what was I thinking?) they all germinated and thrived. We've got dozens of fat, mature pods drying now and I presume that they're all as full of perfect peas as the guy in the photo. I still don't know if we'll have enough to actually eat any this year, but we definitely have our seed stock for the spring.


meg's mom said...

Great photograph!

Anonymous said...

Wow wow wow---Amishland Heirloom plants! Got to check that out. Thanks!!!

Milkweed said...

Thanks for the post and for the seed company shout out....I came across your blog today and love it. I'm adding you to my blogroll at milkingweeds.blogspot.com. Good luck in the garden!