26 August 2008

Fall Greens

The nights have been getting cooler. This evening's low is expected to dip down to about 57 or so. It's been good sleepin' weather. The day's heat is also losing its intensity. The low 80's seems to be the norm. I just read El's post, which confirms it. Fall is coming.


Heather said...

You guys rock. I have been poking around your blog (hope you don't mind hehe) and am linking you up to mine so I can find you.

P said...

Hey Kelly, this is cousin Pat Nagel reportin' in.

I just wanted to throw my two cents out there and say that this is an amazing collection of information and experiences you two have accrued.

I was thoroughly impressed, and a bit ignorant as I've come to see, but wish you and Meg the best in your endeavors. This certainly isn't your run of the mill, garden-variety site. (Zing, so punny)

Anyhow, keep on keepin' on. You've just gained another avid reader.


BTW, who takes the photographs? Very impressive stuff..

Bobbi said...

Yum! Is that spinach or lettuec? Hard to tell when they're babies.

Jennifer (of Veg*n Cooking) said...

Looks like a nice start to the fall garden. I already miss the abundance of summer, but am going to try growing some veggies inside over the winter. My fingers are crossed but my expectations are low. ;-)

I just found your blog and have been meandering around and really enjoy it. I'm going to add this to my Google Reader.

Rick said...

Yeah it seems like summer was just getting started. Ah well I do love fall the best anyway, campfires, flannel, squash and cider.

ourfriendben said...

Yup, cool up here, too. I love fall, and hate heat and humidity, so I'm always pleased when this happens. But in August?!! And of course, it's a reminder to start canning and drying bigtime before there's no more produce to put up...

Twinville said...

Love that photo. So full of life reaching for the sun.

We live in the mountains at 7,000 ft, so our temps rearely get above 80 degrees. This year we only used our swamp cooler (southwest version of A/C) a handful of times and never at night. Our temps are always in the 50's at night during the summer.

I'm glad you're enjoying some cooler temps in your area.

RazorFamilyFarms.com said...

I always love your photos! Beautiful!



Kelly said...

Hey everyone,

So yeah, a whole month has gone by without my response to your comments. Shame on me. To our new readers, it is great to hear from you.

The greens in this photo are doing rather well. They did slow down a bit when we got all that rain a while ago, but they are bouncing back beautifully and should be salad by the end of the week.

Patrick, It's good to hear from you. I took this photo with our canon powershot, but if at any time you're completely blown away by an image, chances are almost certain that it was Meg who took it. She has a gift.