20 September 2008

Fall Chores

It was pretty chilly this morning. I think it dipped below 50 last night. When we go out to feed the chickens we walk past the end of the garden where the corn is. Lately it's been browning and just looking a little sad and dead. The mixture of dew, chill, and rot, cemented the fact that we need to do some Fall prep work. Hell before we know it, it'll be time to plant garlic.


frugalmom said...

Funny, that corn is what I see around almost every corner here in my neck of the woods. Not sweet, mainly seed, but it all still looks the same when it begins to go downhill!

nathan said...

I thought i read in your blog that you had a Pawpaw tree. I was wondering how did it produce this year and did you use any of the fruit? I live in SE Missouri and found a wild one when i was in third grade.(1972) It was the first time ever saw one and thought it was the strangest fruit tree i had ever seen in Missouri. Looked like a tropical tree to me at that time, i can remember being very excited with my discovery. One very seldom heards about the Pawpaw tree.


RazorFamilyFarms.com said...

I am so envious of corn-growers. Sigh. We cannot seem to get it to stay alive here. Most folks drown it with pesticides so it will produce but we are determined to keep things organic. Thus, our corn has been completely devoured -- every single year.

Beautiful pictures! I've missed you!



Laura-Jane said...

No no, don't say the F-word, because it means that the W-word is not far behind!

Love what you guys are doing. Great photos!

Whimfield Farm

Anonymous said...

So when is time to plant garlic, my husband always does a winter garden, never thought of garlic before.

Mrs. K's Lemonade Stand said...

It's chilly here as well, although it feels good.
I planted a bunch of pansies day before yesterday. Pansies make me feel like Fall. :)

Kelly said...

Good morning,

Thanks for the comments everyone. Yep, Fall is officially here. The garden has continued to age since I wrote this post and any day now we will begin to yank and burn.

Our Pawpaws are doing very well. They usually are ripe enough to harvest sometime in October. Speaking of October, there was a question about when top plant garlic. We have had great success planting ours anytime between now and Halloween. It's good to get six to twelve inches of growth before the ground freezes. At least that is what we were told once and it seems to work out great.

Lacy, Thanks for keeping it green. We all love ya for it. Cheers.