23 September 2008

Little Brothers

I commute 170 miles a day. The students I teach and the experience I'm gaining are well worth it. If this turns into a steady gig, Meg and I will certainly move, but for now, I am one with the turnpike. (I go through a lot of audio books. Right now I'm listening to In Cold Blood.)

Meg and I own a Jeep. She needs it to get to the train station and I couldn't realistically drive it everyday and expect to make any money. I needed cheep, reliable, and temporary transportation.

Mid August my little brother Derrek reminded me once again (like I forgot) why I love him so damn much. He is the proud owner of a 94 honda civic that gets close to 45 miles to the gallon. He lives close enough to his job that he can walk and on the shitty days our Ma can give him a lift. The convenience of his location, plus the fact that he also owns a truck, meant that his little frankencar was available. I never really had to ask if I could borrow it before he selflessly offered it up. I'm very lucky.

I imagine that if Superman were going through a rough spell, he would drive this car.

Side note:
Meg also has a younger brother, John, who although I've only known a few years, is pretty kick-ass as well. He has a problem with stealing his sister's legos, but that's their quarrel.


warren said...

Plus, driving a frankencar, people think you have nothing to lose so stay ouot of your way! We always drive older cars...and I like to clear the path before me!

Erica said...

A Franencar, how fitting. Can't beat the gas mileage!! We drive older paid off vehicles, it's the only way to go!

Mrs. K's Lemonade Stand said...

My, the car is colorful, isn't it! (grins)

Meg said...

Thanks for the confirmation that I'm not the only one who commutes crazy miles to work. I commute 120 miles a day, (have you checked out librivox.com for audiobooks) While the drive isn't too bad most days, it does make for some long nights once I finally get home and need to work in the garden!

Anonymous said...

Are'nt family the most precious gift of all? When we are in need they are always there!


John said...

damn right i'm kick-ass.

Anonymous said...


CeeCee said...

You go Kelly! You have a great little bro. I do love the paint job. It'll give your students something to remember you by.

As for Meg's little bro---don't let him steal your little Lego kitty along with little plastic buildables.