02 September 2008

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Not to long ago I told you all about a new site I've been reading called Cold Splinters. Well shortly after, I started reading/experiencing a site listed on his blogroll called Born To Be Nervous. Between the two sites, my musical world has expanded exponentially.

Born To Nervous isn't just about music. Today he linked to this home I know many of you can appreciate. He also has an eclectic taste in art that I find just absolutely fascinating. The world seems fuller.


daniel arnold said...

thank you so much, kelly. that really, really makes my day. so nice of you.

MeadowLark said...

That home made me cry the first time I saw it.

No, I'm serious. It was the big ole' lump in the throat, tears welling up and streaming down my face because the path in life that I chose will never take me down that road to that home.

Such is life I suppose.

Michelle Ellis said...

I love the cold splinters site, I had no idea there was another.

Yes, it is fuller.

Our friend Ben said...

Wow, a hobbit hole! I am awed. Bilbo lives!!!

J said...

WOW I was just blog hopping and saw this home on your site. I've got it on one of my posts at my site. I love that home. My dream would be to live in a home like that one. *snicker snort* it did make me think of Lord of The Rings, also.
I like your blog and hope to get to read more as time goes by.