30 October 2008

Odd Haul

Call me crazy, but I think a spicy squash soup would be bangin'.

I spoke to my mother today and put in an order for a quarter of a cow. My step sister and her husband know a guy that raises cattle the way one should raise cattle. I think our share of the weight will be around 150 pounds and we will be picking it up over thanksgiving.


themanicgardener said...

What I really like are the arrangements to buy a quarter of a cow (or an eighth, or whatever) so that one may legally drink unpasturized milk--the deal being that one may drink such milk from one's own cows, but not sell it on the open market.

Hope the soup's good. I left you a message over on Blotanical.

Kyoki said...

Being a meat-eater, I also like getting beef from my partial cow.