27 October 2008


The garden continues to produce. After the tomatoes died back, the garden took on a shaggy look. It's quite embarrassing. There have been a few frosts, but the floating row covers have kept the greens and beans in check. I actually think the produce during the fall is much sweeter than its spring counterpart. That's probably wrong, but eh.

We took a step closer to Future House this week. I had an interview for a tenure position on Wednesday. Yeah, I'll leave it at that. The school is amazing and land in the area is affordable.

The moon this morning looked like the print of a thumbnail on leather-hard clay.


frugalmom said...

One step closer to Future House? Thats awesome....no matter how big the step was.

Christina said...

Produce usually is sweeter in the cold--it turns the starches to sugars. YUM!

Good luck with the interview process. My fingers are crossed for you.

Kelly said...

all appendages crossed for you!!!

i'm so sad I didn't get any fall salad greens planted. Sigh.

Taylor said...

Oooh! Good luck! I'd live to see what you can do with a place you call your own!

el said...

I second Christina's comment: things do get sweeter, and more tender. Summer broccoli has nothing on winter greenhouse broccoli, it's like they aren't even related.

Good luck on the interviews!

Have to ask: the dried beans, from Amishland?

Anonymous said...

I think all our gardens look scraggly at some time or another Kelly, that's the nature of being self sufficient lol

Good luck on the job application!


Anonymous said...

I'll be crossing my finger's here, too.

Ali in Maine

Meg said...

Good luck on the interview, I hope you get it!!

CeeCee said...

I hope your interview went well. When will they let you know?