13 November 2008

Bare Earth and Dreams of Garlic

I had a dream about garlic. It had sprouted, but kind of funny. The shoots needed trellises. The rigging was made of layers of strings laced real low to the ground horizontally between poles on either end of the rows. I then had weave the garlic through the string like it was one of those grass placemats you'd expect to see for sale in the Keys.

Even before I woke up I knew it was a dream. I knew not because of the trelleses or the funny sprouts; I knew because we had only planted the cloves a little less than two weeks ago.


CatHerder said...

Got mine planted too....have to get it mulched though..and quick!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Very cool! (What's a "deam"?) ;-)
I got my 8 varieties planted a couple weeks ago...it's my garlic test garden!

Meg said...

Damn, I even proofread that post. I think we both read too many papers by college freshmen ... their writing is getting to us.