12 November 2008

The Beaver Moon

Meg heard on the radio today that the full moon tonight is the beaver moon. I guess it's at this time of year that beavers start stocking up for the winter.

Edited to change Stalking to Stocking. Thanks Briel. And thanks to the South Florida education system, you served me well.


Briel said...

The "stalker" typo makes this a really menacing entry. :)

(Unless it's not a typo...)

Cindy said...

Beaver...Moon... DH said it reminds him of Pittsburgh, where there is (used to be?) a sign at a "Y" in the highway. One direction, "Beaver," the other direction, "Moon." Here's the closest as I can find using Google Images:

(The sign we're thinking of didn't have the additional words. Just "Beaver" and "Moon." :) )

Meg said...

Cindy, how funny. We didn't even make that association even though we'll be driving past that sign in two weeks ... Kelly's mom lives in Beaver, and some friends we'll be visiting live in Moon. We'll take a photo!

meg's mom said...

Whew! I was a bit nervous thinking about those beavers lurking around.