01 December 2008

Chris and Jude's Farm

This one may take a few posts.

For Thanksgiving we went to my stepsister Chris and her husband Jude's farm for dinner.

They own about 90+ acres in Western PA and they live off every foot of it.

One of their main exports is lamb and wool.

Jude was nice enough to give us a tour of the place and Meg took some fantastic photos as we made our rounds. Once we have an opportunity to sort through them all we'll be sure to share the adventure.


Liz said...

What a fantastic farm!

Kristen said...

Oh, I am WAY excited to see the rest of your photos. That place looks like a dream. Are they near PGH? Are you also going to post photos of the straw bale house?

Kelly said...


It's been almost a week and Meg and I are still talking about it.


They certainly work very hard, but they also see on a daily basis the fruits of their labor. We ended up scratching the straw bale house for a later visit. Of the five days we were out I had to drive between 2-8 hours each day. We were too burnt out. However, when we do go see the house, there will be pictures in abundance.

meg's mom said...

Wow, that place looks awesome! I clicked on the phote of you two in the mirror and it made me laugh - you look like you're standing in front of one of those fun house mirrors - you're all squashed.